RadioFire's Obsession to Support Local Music

We Are Obsessed With Promoting the Local Music Scene

Echoboost's sole obsession is to promote the vibrant local music scenes across America. With amazing talent just waiting to be discovered, Echoboost is an essential tool in finding and supporting local music. We're here to help you discover and become familiar with local artists, musicians and bands.

Why Local Artists Are Just So Cool

Writing, performing and recording songs you've created requires free-spirited drive and self-confidence. Echoboost realizes that the unsigned artists and bands around the country are hungry to share their songs with people who are interested in the latest music. We want to connect you with the people down the block who are looking for good local artists. We also want to introduce you to people that may live thousands of miles away, but share the same musical taste. Using the Echoboost music player, people will uncover a world of great musicians in their area just waiting to be discovered. Users can leave comments for the bands and exchange thoughts with others, helping the musicians to expand their following and set up successful local concerts.

Artist Profile Page

With each Artist Profile Page you can learn about the artist by reading their bio, listen to all of their songs on their own Echoboost music player--with an option to purchase downloads of each song--flip through photo galleries and check for upcoming concerts. You can also connect with other fans and leave comments for the artist or band. You can arrive at this page by clicking on an artist's name throughout the site, including links on the music player or in search or browse results. If a particular artist impresses you, add them to your favorites list to receive an auto-list all of the upcoming concerts under your concert tab after you login.