How Can I Promote My Concert?

There are many ways to promote your music and market your up and coming concert. Now that you have landed a place to perform you are interested in getting as many people as you can to attend the show. In many cases venues require that a certain number of tickets be sold by the band in advance to confirm an opportunity to perform. Luckily all local music venues do not require that you do this but working with your close friends and relatives is always beneficial.

As a local music group with a growing fan base your friends and relatives can provide invaluable promotion. Word of mouth also known as networking is easy when your friends and family talk to their friends and family. When you have word of mouth promotion your concert attendance will increase. Make flyers, pass along cards, and posters to distribute in public places or other concerts will target your fan base. People interested in local music are always looking for concerts to attend and many college students need cheap dates. When you work with others and promote yourself wisely you will have great attendance at your performances. Use to promote your band and up and coming shows, it's easy!