Organizing a concert and music promotion

As an unsigned band or artist, organizing a concert is a key to promote your music. Without exposure and music promotion you will be unsuccessful as a musician or band. Planning and organizing your concert can be done with a few key concepts in mind.

The first thing you need as musician or band before performing is a set-list of at least three songs. Even the shortest set in a concert consists of three original songs. With this set list of original music you can adapt and add cover songs depending upon your audience. The next step in organizing your concert is booking a venue. Regardless of where you live there is a place you can rent or book for a performance to better promote your music. The most preferred venue for unsigned artists is a concert where you will be playing with a number of other bands. This setting not only allows you to receive exposure with other bands and their audiences, but you are also exposed to other forms of music promotion.

Many bands are initially worried about the cost of renting or playing a venue where they will receive no payment. These initial concerns need to be looked at with a different perspective. Music promotion is an investment. You have to start low and work your way to success and identification. Unsigned artists and bands that are willing to pay the price in the beginning will see great success. It is important to have something at your concert to promote your music, whether CD's or clothing for people to purchase at the concert is vital for promoting bands. As people are attracted to your music they are the best form of free band promotion.

Word of mouth is huge in the music scene, which makes the way you treat your audience very significant. Some bands have found great success in giving away free singles to their fans to help build a larger fan base. Once you have a large fan base you can begin to sell and promote your music, which will ideally reimburse you for starting expenses. Another way you can promote your music is on our website Here you can create a band profile, upload mp3 files for free, and notify users of up and concerts you will be presenting. All of these things will help promote your music and bring success to your music career. Good luck with concerts and music promotion. We hope to see your profile online soon!