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The Online Radio Music Player

Echoboost is a premiere social music network that allows people to listen to free music from local unsigned artists and bands using a free music player. The free music player streams songs from unsigned artists and bands from every genre, including sounds that range from rock, indie, emo and alternative to hip hop, rap, jazz and country.

Unlike online radio, Echoboost's free music player encourages listeners to Boost the songs they enjoy and Drop the songs they don't. Songs that receive the most Boosts will continue to be played at random on the Music Player according to genre and location, while Dropped songs will make way for new songs. In addition to assisting musicians build their local fan bases, songs receiving the most Boosts will be featured on regional and national Echoboost play lists.

Learning More About Each Song and Artist

Echoboost's free music player encourages people to learn about each song that is playing while sharing their own impressions so others can really get to know the artists and bands. In addition to photos, musicians and singers can share song lyrics and song background information on the free music player while each song is playing. The name of the artist, song and hometown are displayed clearly in plain view. People can also see what others are thinking about the song by checking the comments tab. For a personal touch, users can tag each song with keywords that will be recorded on their own free profile page, something you won't find at online radio stations. Those looking for even more information on the artists or bands can click on the musicians' names to go to the Artist's Profile Page.

Buying Music

Each of the songs on Echoboost's free music player are available for purchase. Support the unsigned artists and bands in your hometown and across the country by simply clicking the shopping cart button on the music player to buy downloads. With wide-open genre selections that range from hip hop, rap, jazz and soul to rock, indie, emo, alternative and country, there's going to be song downloads for everyone to buy.

Interacting With The Free Music Player

You are in control when it comes to creating your own custom, free music player playlists. First, choose from an extensive list of genres to find the exact music that interests you most. Select from categories that includes deep layers of rock, alternative rock, indie, emo, country, classical, hip hop, rap, jazz or soul. Second, select the geographical area that you'd like to hear music from. This can be your own zip code, a neighboring city or the entire country.

While listening to your custom playlists, you can control your music selections using the free music player with play, pause, fast forward and rewind controls just like a conventional music player. You can also view the Playlist to review the songs you've played and look ahead to what's coming up.