How do I Work With Local Venues and Concerts?

One of the greatest desires of all musicians is performing local music. The way an audience receives your music and stage presence can be determined by how prepared you are. Playing front of the right audience is also a key to the success of your performance. Finding local music venues to perform at and distribute your music can be easy when you are prepared.

The first step to find the venue to fit your music genre is to get out into the local music scene. The phone book or online sources can help you find where the local concert halls and venues are located. Ideally in music promotion you would try to play as many places as you can, but it doesn't always work that way. The best idea is to choose one place you where you would like to perform. Starting off small can build you a fan base at a venue and help you to branch out to other underground music concert halls. It is essential that you have a CD with at least three original songs that can be handed out with applications to perform. Check out your local underground music venues by going to the concert search on Echoboost, it's easy!